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Administer your CiviCRM site using the links on this page. Click plus sign for descriptions of the options in each section.
hide field or sectionCustomize Data and Screens
Tags (Categories)Tags (Categories)Tags are useful for segmenting the contacts in your database into categories (e.g. Staff Member, Donor, Volunteer, etc.). Create and edit available tags here.
Custom DataCustom DataConfigure custom fields to collect and store custom data which is not included in the standard CiviCRM forms.
ProfilesProfilesProfiles allow you to aggregate groups of fields and include them in your site as input forms, contact display pages, and search and listings features.
Activity TypesActivity TypesCiviCRM has several built-in activity types (meetings, phone calls, emails sent). Track other types of interactions by creating custom activity types here.
Relationship TypesRelationship TypesContacts can be linked to each other through Relationships (e.g. Spouse, Employer, etc.). Define the types of relationships you want to record here.
Contact TypesContact Types
Gender OptionsGender OptionsOptions for assigning gender to individual contacts (e.g. Male, Female, Other).
Individual Prefixes (Ms, Mr...)Individual Prefixes (Ms, Mr...)Options for individual contact prefixes (e.g. Ms., Mr., Dr. etc.).
Individual Suffixes (Jr, Sr...)Individual Suffixes (Jr, Sr...)Options for individual contact suffixes (e.g. Jr., Sr. etc.).
Location Types (Home, Work...)Location Types (Home, Work...)Options for categorizing contact addresses and phone numbers (e.g. Home, Work, Billing, etc.).
Website TypesWebsite TypesOptions for assigning website types to contacts.
Instant Messenger ServicesInstant Messenger ServicesList of IM services which can be used when recording screen-names for contacts.
Mobile Phone ProvidersMobile Phone ProvidersList of mobile phone providers which can be assigned when recording contact phone numbers.
Phone TypePhone TypeOptions for assigning phone type to contacts (e.g Phone, Mobile, Fax, Pager)
Display PreferencesDisplay Preferences
Search PreferencesSearch Preferences
Navigation MenuNavigation MenuAdd or remove menu items, and modify the order of items on the navigation menu.
Word ReplacementsWord ReplacementsWord Replacements.
Manage Custom SearchesManage Custom SearchesDevelopers and accidental techies with a bit of PHP and SQL knowledge can create new search forms to handle specific search and reporting needs which aren't covered by the built-in Advanced Search and Search Builder features.
hide field or sectionCommunications
Organization Address and Contact InfoOrganization Address and Contact InfoConfigure primary contact name, email, return-path and address information. This information is used by CiviMail to identify the sending organization.
From Email AddressesFrom Email AddressesList of Email Addresses which can be used when sending emails to contacts.
Message TemplatesMessage TemplatesMessage templates allow you to save and re-use messages with layouts which you can use when sending email to one or more contacts.
Schedule RemindersSchedule RemindersSchedule Reminders.
Preferred Communication MethodsPreferred Communication MethodsOne or more preferred methods of communication can be assigned to each contact. Customize the available options here.
Label FormatsLabel FormatsConfigure Label Formats that are used when creating mailing labels.
Print Page (PDF) FormatsPrint Page (PDF) FormatsConfigure PDF Page Formats that can be assigned to Message Templates when creating PDF letters.
Communication Style OptionsCommunication Style OptionsOptions for Communication Style selection.
Email Greeting FormatsEmail Greeting FormatsOptions for assigning email greetings to individual and household contacts.
Postal Greeting FormatsPostal Greeting FormatsOptions for assigning postal greetings to individual and household contacts.
Addressee FormatsAddressee FormatsOptions for assigning addressee to individual, household and organization contacts.
show field or section Users and Permissions
» Access Control
» Synchronize Users to Contacts
hide field or sectionUsers and Permissions
Access ControlAccess ControlGrant or deny access to actions (view, edit...), features and components.
Synchronize Users to ContactsSynchronize Users to ContactsAutomatically create a CiviCRM contact record for each CMS user record.
hide field or sectionSystem Settings
Configuration ChecklistConfiguration ChecklistList of configuration tasks with links to each setting.
Enable CiviCRM ComponentsEnable CiviCRM ComponentsEnable or disable components (e.g. CiviEvent, CiviMember, etc.) for your site based on the features you need. We recommend disabling any components not being used in order to simplify the user interface. You can easily re-enable components at any time from this screen.
Manage ExtensionsManage Extensions
Outbound Email SettingsOutbound Email Settings
Settings - Payment ProcessorSettings - Payment ProcessorPayment Processor setup for CiviCRM transactions
Mapping and GeocodingMapping and Geocoding
Misc (Undelete, PDFs, Limits, Logging, Captcha, etc.)Misc (Undelete, PDFs, Limits, Logging, Captcha, etc.)Enable undelete/move to trash feature, detailed change logging, ReCAPTCHA to protect forms.
Resource URLsResource URLs
Cleanup Caches and Update PathsCleanup Caches and Update PathsReset the Base Directory Path and Base URL settings - generally when a CiviCRM site is moved to another location in the file system and/or to another domain.
CMS Database IntegrationCMS Database Integration
Safe File Extension OptionsSafe File Extension OptionsFile Extensions that can be considered safe.
Option GroupsOption GroupsAccess all meta-data option groups.
Import/Export MappingsImport/Export MappingsImport and Export mappings allow you to easily run the same job multiple times. This option allows you to rename or delete existing mappings.
Multi Site SettingsMulti Site Settings
Scheduled JobsScheduled JobsManaging periodially running tasks.
Sms ProvidersSms ProvidersTo configure a sms provider
hide field or sectionCiviContribute
Personal Campaign PagesPersonal Campaign PagesView and manage existing personal campaign pages.
Manage Contribution PagesManage Contribution PagesCiviContribute allows you to create and maintain any number of Online Contribution Pages. You can create different pages for different programs or campaigns - and customize text, amounts, types of information collected from contributors, etc.
Manage PremiumsManage PremiumsCiviContribute allows you to configure any number of Premiums which can be offered to contributors as incentives / thank-you gifts. Define the premiums you want to offer here.
Financial TypesFinancial TypesFormerly civicrm_contribution_type merged into this table in 4.1
Financial AccountsFinancial AccountsFinancial types are used to categorize contributions for reporting and accounting purposes. These are also referred to as Funds.
Payment MethodsPayment MethodsYou may choose to record the payment instrument used for each contribution. Common payment methods are installed by default (e.g. Check, Cash, Credit Card...). If your site requires additional payment methods, add them here.
Accepted Credit CardsAccepted Credit CardsCredit card options that will be offered to contributors using your Online Contribution pages.
Soft Credit TypesSoft Credit TypesSoft Credit Types that will be offered to contributors during soft credit contribution
CiviContribute Component SettingsCiviContribute Component SettingsConfigure global CiviContribute behaviors.
hide field or sectionCiviMember
CiviMember Component SettingsCiviMember Component SettingsConfigure global CiviMember behaviors.
Membership TypesMembership TypesDefine the types of memberships you want to offer. For each type, you can specify a 'name' (Gold Member, Honor Society Member...), a description, duration, and a minimum fee.
Membership Status RulesMembership Status RulesStatus 'rules' define the current status for a membership based on that membership's start and end dates. You can adjust the default status options and rules as needed to meet your needs.
hide field or sectionCiviEvent
CiviEvent Component SettingsCiviEvent Component SettingsConfigure global CiviEvent behaviors.
Event Name Badge LayoutsEvent Name Badge LayoutsConfigure name badge layouts for event participants, including logos and what data to include on the badge.
Manage EventsManage EventsCreate and edit event configuration including times, locations, online registration forms, and fees. Links for iCal and RSS syndication.
Event TemplatesEvent TemplatesAdministrators can create Event Templates - which are basically master event records pre-filled with default values
Event TypesEvent TypesUse Event Types to categorize your events. Event feeds can be filtered by Event Type and participant searches can use Event Type as a criteria.
Participant StatusParticipant StatusDefine statuses for event participants here (e.g. Registered, Attended, Cancelled...). You can then assign statuses and search for participants by status.
Participant RoleParticipant RoleDefine participant roles for events here (e.g. Attendee, Host, Speaker...). You can then assign roles and search for participants by role.
Participant Listing TemplatesParticipant Listing TemplatesTemplate to control participant listing display.
Conference Slot LabelsConference Slot LabelsDefine conference slots and labels.
hide field or sectionCiviMail
CiviMail Component SettingsCiviMail Component SettingsConfigure global CiviMail behaviors.
Mailer SettingsMailer SettingsConfigure spool period, throttling and other mailer settings.
Headers, Footers, and Automated MessagesHeaders, Footers, and Automated MessagesConfigure the header and footer used for mailings. Customize the content of automated Subscribe, Unsubscribe, Resubscribe and Opt-out messages.
From Email AddressesFrom Email AddressesList of Email Addresses which can be used when sending emails to contacts.
Mail AccountsMail AccountsConfigure email account setting.
hide field or sectionCiviReport
Create New Report from TemplateCreate New Report from TemplateComponent wise listing of all available templates
Manage TemplatesManage TemplatesBrowse, Edit and Delete the Report templates.
Reports ListingReports ListingBrowse existing report, change report criteria and settings.