Project Description

Geoexchange at ACNW

Our first installation of a geoexchange (also known as geothermal heat pump or ground source heat pump) system was made possible through a grant received from the US Dept. of Housing & Urban Development (HUD). This system was installed in 2004 under the lawn south of the dining hall. The geoexchange system here at the Audubon Center is a vertical closed-loop geothermal heat pump system consisting of 30 vertical holes, each 208 feet deep and 25 feet apart. We have been able to eliminate two 1,000 gallon LP tanks and save about $5,000 per heating season – the remaining LP tanks are used for cooking, hot water and emergency boiler usage. The electric usage to power our geoexchange system is offset by our photovoltaic solar arrays and the elimination of window A/C units in both Crosby Lodge and Blandin Dining Hall.

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