Project Description

                   Onyx - Common raven

Species:  Common Raven
Sex:  Undetermined
Age: Hatched in 2015
Name:  Onyx
Weight:  1050g
Found:  Northern Minnesota (exact location unknown)
Injury:  Human imprint
History: Removed from the wild as a juvenile by a woman in Northern MN (location unknown) and held in her home for several weeks. The bird imprinted and was incapable of foraging on his own. Due to the imprint status, the raven actively approached people; landing on them, begging for food, and perching on shoulders and backs. Deemed non-releasable.

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Fun Fact:

Onyx is very vocal but only rarely gives the typical “croak” associated with the Common Raven.  Instead gives a short high pitched yell.

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